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Choose AM Engineering firm that has the necessary expertise and skills to handle your project’s specific technical requirements

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Electrical Engineering is a field of engineering that deals with the study, design, development, and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment. This includes everything from large power generators and transmission lines to small electronic devices such as smartphones and computers. Electrical engineers may work in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, construction, and more.


AM Engineering firm has the necessary resources, equipment, and manpower to complete your project within the given timeframe.

Choose us that we have the necessary expertise and skills to handle your project’s specific technical requirements.



We are highly sought after and can make a significant impact in their respective industries.





Specialized in the field

Sub-Station Related Works:( Abroad & Local)

  • 132/33 KV Sub-station.
  • 33/11 KV Sub-station.
    11/0.415 KV Sub-station.
  • 132/33/11 KV Gas Insulated Switchgear.
  • HVAC Underground Cable work.
  • 132/33/11/0.145 KV Overhead Line Work.
  • Busbar Trunking (BBT) System
    High & Low Voltage
  • Power Factor Improvement (PFI) Plant.
  • VCB Switchgear Panel
  • ACB Switchgear Panel
  • On-Grid Solar System.

Civil Sector:

  • Complete Indoor & Outdoor Type Sub-station Building.
  • Complete Steel Structure Indoor & Outdoor Type Sub-station Building.
  • HVAC Underground RCC Cable Trench.
  • Upvc/GI Pipe Line for Cable Trench
    Land Development.
  • Land Protection through Geotec Bag.
  • Steel Fencing Works.
    Deep Tube-well Installation.
  • Painting Works.

Supporting & Manufacturing By A.M. Engineering.

  • Industrial & Commercial House wiring.
  • Industrial & Commercial Sub-Station.
  • Electricity Licensing Board Permission.
  • HT VCB Switchgear Panel.
  • LT ACB Switchgear Panel.
  • Low Voltage Power Factor Improvement (PFI) Plant.
  • Main Distribution Board (MDB).
  • Sub Distribution Board (SDB).
  • Direct On-line Starter Panel (DOL).
  • Auto & Manual Change over Panel.
  • Industrial & Commercial VRF, Chiller & Air Cooler.
  • High Voltage Angle Tower.
  • Grid & Mesh Earthing System.
  • CTMS Works.
  • AC Distribution Board.
  • DC Distribution Board.
  • Industrial Battery Charger & Battery Bank.
  • Overhead line Accessories.(Post, Disk, Guy, Pin, Shackle & Suspension Insulator etc)

Mechanical & Electro- Mechanical Sector:

  • Generator Works.
  • Passenger Lift.
  • Fire Protection Work.
  • Water supply system.
  • High Mast Gear Box Works.
  • GIS panel Electro-Mechanical Part Maintenance.

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